I have no intention at all of selling Code Fibo binary options automated software at all here. I just think that you should know that Code Fibo app is shady and cannot be trusted. The fact you are looking for the Code Fibo homepage on Google, means, either you are new to binary options trading and think that this is another push button money software, or at least you haven’t been scammed yet. Most people, who was like you, jump into conclusion and tried programs like this only to figure out that they have been ripped off a few months later. And then, usually they will search for keyword like Code Fibo scam or whatever product name is, just to get their money back, and of course their attempt fail. (Read more about that below).

The grim truth about software like this

You might not know this, but there are already tons of garbage binary options products which had been ripping off people since 2014. And yes, I am one of the person who’s been ripped off by several garbage binary options products like these, until I blacklist binary options trading altogether. Forex trading and stock market is safer for me, at this moment in my opinion, rather than binary options. Due to this reason, the binary options trading industry receives lots of negativity.

If you searched at Google, you will get mixed reviews about this Code Fibo software. Some authority review sites like Binary Options Watchdog endorsed this Code Fibo app. However, another broker review site, scambroker.com give negative review about this app (and you can read that here).

List of similar scams
Copy Buffett – This product received lots of rave reviews on Youtube and Google search results. However, can Copy Buffett be trusted? The answer is no. That is because the binary broker is not regulated. That means, they don’t obey any law and when you start making real profit, you cannot withdraw them. It’s that simple. You can read more about that here.

Neo 2 app – Again, this software was endorsed all over the web. Too bad, Neo 2 square also doesn’t recommend any regulated binary broker. More info here.

Here’s a useful tip
Inside Code Fibo member’s area, you will get a simple auto trader software. It is actually quite similar to another software called CrunchTech.


The question is, can Code Fibo makes you money, as simple as this app looks like? The answer is no. For one thing, there is fake income claim about this app such as make thousands per week with Code Fibo. And then, the person who is inside the Code Fibo video sales letter is actually an actor who is hired to disguise as a professor. Also, I have seen similar software being released to the public in the past five years, including Binabot, Binary Trust Method and more.

Also, creating an automated software that really makes you money is not that easy. For example, forex trading robot, or usually people call those as EA robot can also make you money on auto pilot, but to create those EA will take lots of hard work. Which is why, it is very rare that you can find real trading robots that works which are priced lower than $1000. Even if you have that kind of budget to buy a trading robot, you need to pay even more for virtual private server, so that your robot will keep trading and working for you, even if you are away from your PC.


How to find out whether Code Fibo is a scam or not? It’s easy actually.
The similarities about binary options trading software like this, is the fact you need to sign up, that is by entering your name and email inside the opt-in box, as you can see in the codefibo.com website. And then, you will be directed to the broker homepage, where they require you to deposit money inside their choice of broker. Yes, the broker of their own choice, otherwise, you are not qualified as their customer.


If the broker is unregulated, then Code Fibo is a scam. Period.
The biggest difference between a real binary options product that really helps and the ones that are trying to rip off people is – the regulation of recommended brokers. Many of these binary options app will recommend you to open an account with a fake broker, in other words, they are no regulated. Usually these binary brokers are not even a real business or companies – they are just fake companies by using PO Box address.

If you happen to sign up at Code Fibo homepage, then please check the broker website carefully, take a look at the bottom of the binary broker website, their company page, terms, anything, whether you can find their license number and the government agencies that gave them the regulations (See the example here).

Don’t just stop there. Go to the CySEC website or whatever agencies that issued the license and then search the number yourself. If number is valid at CySEC website, then the broker itself is a legit broker. Otherwise, never give your card number inside the Code Fibo or its associated brokers since it probably is a scam. Once your money is inside, there is no way you can withdraw them to your local bank, because to begin with unregulated brokers cannot be trusted. They could be anyone pretending to be some kind companies or something. And yes, usually they will be located outside of the US to avoid strict laws, under FTC.

If you want to continue discussion about this topic, feel free to go to binary options forum or scam broker forum.


How to really make money with binary options trading
Actually, to learn how people make money with binary options trading is quite easy. All you need to do is understand how forex or stock traders make money from the market. You don’t need to spend a dime on learning if you have lots of time to browse free forex forums like babypips, forex factory, daily fx or forex peace army. Thousands of successful traders all over the world share their knowledge and help each other in social media like these. Plus, all legit forex and binary brokers actually provide a demo account, before you can test the water with real money.

Forex Peace Army (FPA) is useful to bust scam forex brokers and latest scams in trading industry. Babypips is for newbies who want to know more about indicators and basic about trading. If you think that learning from free forums is intimidating, then Forex Mentor Pro is just for you. This is suitable for absolute newbies who need step by step guidance and want to save a lot of time before seeing their first profit with trading. Once you’ve decided the trading style and tactics which are suitable for you, then feel free to free open a demo account and download free MT4 software.

Once you’ve mastered the analysis part of forex trading, then you can go ahead and find binary brokers with demo account, such as Nadex.

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If you already sign up for one or 2 binary brokers before, you probably keep getting new mails and promotion to your inbox or to your phone number. This is actually quite common practice, and being considered as legit, even before the creation of Google or Yahoo. However, the problem is, telemarketers and email marketers keep abusing this method that most likely your inbox is saturated with junk promotion, and the same goes for your phone number. Yes, while this tactic is legit, those are called email marketing and telemarketing, but the products being pushed to you usually is not.

So, how to stop receiving these type of promotion?


Clean your inbox
#1. Use the unsubscribe link. In order to keep your inbox clean, make sure that you click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. If the email service provider is Aweber, Get Response and Constant Contact, then you should be able to unsubscribe from those with just one click away.


#2. Use the report spam button. Some marketers are persistent. Heck, whenever you click the unsubscribe link like being mentioned above, they will notice that your email account is active, so this will encourage them to send even more emails in the future. In this case, simply click the report spam button. Gmail has a powerful spam filter that let you do this.

#3. Filter emails from the same sender. This step takes a little bit of work and just optional. If you use the report spam button like above, you should be able to filter at least 95% of those scam messages in no time.

You might didn’t know this, but almost all free email providers allow you to filter whatever mails that hit your inbox. If you are using Gmail, simply click the settings button on the upper, right side of your inbox.

Then, choose filter and blocked address > create a new filter.

You can enter whatever emails that comes from the same sender or promoting the same binary options garbage.

Block unwanted phone calls from unknown party
If you are using Android or iOs smartphones (and who wouldn’t these days?), you can easily filter unwanted promotion via SMS or calls by downloading certain app at Google Play. For example, you can try this app named Call Blacklist (for Android).This app is easy to use and you can adjust its settings such as the time when you should turn on this software, list of white list numbers and more.


If you want to use other apps, just go to Google Play or Appstore and then enter terms like Call Blocker, Block all calls and relevant software will pop up into your search result. Keep in mind that you need to adjust certain settings in these apps, such as which number that shouldn’t be blocked ( probably the ones in your contact list). Otherwise, by default, these apps will block all calls regardless who they are.

Some of these apps allows you to schedule the blocking time. For example, you might notice that binary brokers will usually follow you up at home on Monday to Friday, since that is their office hour. So, you can block unwanted calls during that time.


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Every now and then, I keep receiving emails promoting these kind of binary options app. The reason is quite simple – because I also bought a few binary options products in the past, tried them and lose enough money to blacklist them in my book. So, if you already purchased one or two binary options products before, chances are, you will keep getting promotion almost every week. To make it worse, since the binary brokers get their hands on your phone number, they might even do follow up phone calls. (Read this: how to filter out phone calls from binary brokers).

People who jump into these kind of scams didn’t notice that the website is a fake and trust whatever broker being promoted. Usually they have zero experience when comes to trading, online business and making money online. Then after several months, they started to realize that they was being ripped off and they will be searching on Google again looking for ways to claim their money back. Unfortunately, since these scam binary options brokers are unregulated, they won’t be able to get their money back again.

Enter the Lucrosa system

Lucrosa system is another binary options automated trading software. If you watched the video to the end, the creator claims to be a real trader, with the name, John Lucrosa. Based on my research and not to mention experience, I can conclude that this product does not live to the hype and created only to promote new binary brokers, which was a popular trend lately especially among marketers.

The disclaimer page:

One thing that interest me is the fact that John Lucrosa provides an honest disclaimer link in his own website. Here’s a quote, pulled from the Lucrosa disclaimer page: “The Lucrosa promotional video is fictitious and was produced to portray the potential of the Lucrosa 3rd party signals software. Actors have been used to present this opportunity and it should be viewed for entertainment purposes.”

Don’t take my words. Here’s the direct link if you don’t believe me (http://www.lucrosa.co/admin/risk.html). Just scroll down to somewhere in the middle of that page and you will be able to read above statement.

On the other hand, at homepage of Lucrosa.co website, he states: Make at least $210,000 per month guaranteed. Yes, that is just another sales video hype, to keep you reading, especially newbies who are new to trading binary options. Otherwise, if you are smart enough, you should already checked the risk disclaimer which you can find at the bottom of lucrosa.co website.



Want to see what’s inside? Well, the product that Lucrosa gives you looks like this:


This is actually one basic automated software. Some people even suspect that this software is just being recycled from the same scam products before. Of course, there is no manual signal service, no support, nothing. The reason is quite simple: The creators of this app themselves are marketers and not traders. They already spent thousands on actors, renting private jet, professional looking videos, site creation, you name it. They are just there to promote whatever binary brokers they associate with, usually non US companies, and then take away your money. This cycle keeps repeating itself again and again for years. So, they don’t have enough money, to create a high quality auto trading bot, because it will be very expensive to create one, and even if they sell to you a trading bot, it will cost lots of money to maintain them.

Is there a trusted automated trading app?
There are, a lot of them actually. I don’t know about binary options bot, but I do know that some expert adviser (EA), ie forex auto trading software can be trusted. Some of them are very expensive, usually they will cost you around $200- $1000, depending on its accuracy and in addition to that, you need to pay more for VPS server. And in case you didn’t know what VPS is, it is actually a remote computer where you need to host your EA robot so it will trade for you everyday, 24/5. Otherwise, if you host the EA software on your own laptop, the software will go to sleep one you turned of your PC.

So, put yourself in Lucrosa developer’s app shoes. If your software is legit and cost thousands per year to maintain its accuracy, why give it away for free to anonymous party on the web?

The #1 reason why Lucrosa is not recommended by me
This is actually quite simple – the reason is because Lucrosa software is associated with unregulated binary options broker. Yes, lots of these over hype binary options programs are associated with unregulated binary brokers, so, once you’ve deposited money, there is no way to withdraw them anymore. For Lucrosa software, they recommend that you open an account with Omega options, which is actually unregulated binary options broker. If you don’t know what regulations means, it simple term, it is actually a license given by government for a forex or binary brokers to operate in their country. Just like your national ID or passport, regulations means that the broker is a real, legit company and NOT some kind of companies with fake names. (You can read more details about broker regulations here).

Based on the disclaimer on that site, and several other cases, I don’t recommend this product to anyone. If you like throwing away your money today, why not give them to charity or donate them to Wikipedia. Yes, I am aware that some of you already deposited money into the broker account. It this is your case, then you have to kiss goodbye to your hard earned cash for good, because there is no way to charge an offshore broker especially when they are clearly unregulated.

Is there any trusted binary options review sites?
There are, but you can hardly find them on Google, especially when you enter product name keywords like that. You need to look for related forums, since community forums are the place where members help each other. Simply Google for keyword “binary options forum” or you can check out this direct link (http://forum.binaryoptions.net). For blog reviews, log on to scambroker.com for a real honest, binary options reviews. As a matter of fact, this product is also not being endorsed at that website: http://scambroker.com/lucrosa.

Where to go from now?
Becoming a real trader is not as easy as getting one automated software and then let them do the work for you. It is a real business and real business takes years to succeed. In most cases, people will take at least one year to see positive results from whatever business models they are into. If you want to succeed with trading, whether binary options or forex, then learn trading itself. While the systems are somewhat different, whether binary options, forex or stock market, the fundamental remain the same. The software used, such as candlestick chart, moving average, and so on remains the same.

I highly recommend that you learn forex trading first at free forex forums like babypips forum or forex factory. However, learning from these forums while they are free, could be a intimidating for newbies, which is why I highly recommend that you look at my #1 recommendation.

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Regulated? Unregulated? What is that?
In case you’ve read articles or blog posts about forex or binary options trading for 2 minutes, you probably heard about broker regulations. Now, what does they mean by regulated ? Well, simply put, they have the license to operate their business.

In other words, they are trusted party. Suppose you want to do a retail business in your home country, you need to have permission from local government by registering your business, to prevent fraud and crime from your side. Just imagine, if you want to open a bank in your home country, you would probably need permission from local government, register with certain parties and only then you can handle and keep other people’s money.

The same goes for forex or binary options brokers. In order to make sure that you get your money back, each time you deposit, always check the broker’s website first before even opening a live account there.

Regulated, legit brokers will mention their license numbers in their own website

Here is a screenshot that I took from my favorite broker, XM. As I scroll down to the bottom, as I can see, this broker is registered under Financial Service Authority, FSA UK and also CySEC, which is expected for a Cyprus based broker.

Now, I surf to FSA website at https://register.fca.org.uk. And then I entered the license number, which is 538324, like being stated in that website. And here’s what I found:


As you can see, this broker is regulated, in other words, it is 100% legit and it is safe to deposit and once your money is inside, you can also withdraw them anytime. Yes, unlike other domain names, .uk is hard to obtain. This is only for business opened or approved by the UK goverment. Another party that usually will give regulations like this is CySEC (Cyprus) and ASIC (for Aussie based brokers).

The next time you want to deposit money, or even want to give your email address to any forex or binary options broker, make sure that you check their license first. Regulated, legit brokers will mention that in their website. If you cannot find their proof of regulations at the homepage, simply check their About page. Find out where their regulations from and check properly the license numbers from related parties before trading with them. If they are regulated, then that’s fine, you can register for free demo account and trade. Otherwise, don’t do any business with them.

When the binary options industry was popping up in early 2014, there’s way too many scam brokers, trying to attract customers by using a professionally designed website and then ripping off customers. These brokers are usually unregulated because if they are, CySEC or any government agencies can take care of them and refund your money.

List of articles that might interest you:

Learn more about binary options and the scams surrounding it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_option

What is CySEC? How is that related to trading? Why CySEC is always being related to forex or binary options trading? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyprus_Securities_and_Exchange_Commission


Short review

What is it? : This is actually an auto trader software. While I am skeptical of using auto trader, I think this robot would be helpful to some people who want to save time learning and mastering trading. We all don’t always own the asset called time don’t we?
Why it rocks: Performance of GPS Forex Robot is awesome. Expect 80%- 90% winning rate. Since this is actually an auto trader software, it will save time. Then, you can test this on demo account first, which made this software is safe to use. Finally it works on any MT4 platform, but please find brokers which support EA, such as myfxchoice.
Recommended?: Short answer, yes. Especially when you can test this software on demo account first.
Homepage access/Official website: gpsforexrobot.com.

Introduction to GPS Forex Robot

Today, there could be tons of forex trading software/system that you can find on the web, but most of them are complete joke. It is not necessarily because those were scams. But it could be because those software just not meet your trading style, budget, and more.

However, GPS Forex Robot is quite different. This trading EA robot is quite easy to install and use. It gives you clear signals of what to do and what not. The forex market is one of the biggest market on the world, so anyone can profit, anytime as long as there is internet connection.

How to use GPS Forex Robot properly: Watch the video below

Access the official website of GPS Forex Robot here


The guy behind GPS Forex Robot

This EA robot is actually created by Mark Larsen and his team of programming experts. After several testing, as well as reviewing the performance of this EA on sites like myfxbook, we can conclude that this software is the real deal. Overall, the winning rate of GPS Forex Robot is 90%.

Performance of GPS Forex Robot (pulled from Myfxbook)


Based on my research, GPS Forex Robot has proven to create tons of profits, in over several months, from 10s to $1,000s at various times, when the market conditions are good and things are relatively smooth enough. Plus, with a large enough trading accounts used. Therefore, I assume that there’s countless of hours being spent into this trading robot before it is being released to public.


The trading style

Trend trading, and then stop and reverse. Trend trading is the most common method to make money with forex trading, that is by following whatever news being released and then keep buying and selling as long as the trend don’t comes to the end. Stop and reverse trading is a situation when this bot is going to exit, let say long position and then enter short position at the same time. This is actually quite common practice in manual trading.

Pros of GPS Forex Robot (new and improved in version 3)

1. This is more than just auto trading software. This is also geared for someone who is looking for ways to learn forex and make good income from it. Yes, training and support are provided in case you need help. This is crucial since most people will have no idea on how this EA works, especially newbies in forex trading.

2. The GPS Forex Robot 3, new additional function was added which allows this bot to find the most optimized settings to the current situation on the market and then use it in real trading.

3. While GPS Forex Robot sucks at previous versions, the latest version is much better and it works four times faster than other software.

4. After complex optimizing, the new GPS Forex Robot works four times faster than the other software.

5. This program analyze all the details, responds and also adapting to the market conditions, depending on the situations.

6. A new feature is added in version 3, which allows you to use trailing stop in order to take profit.


Risk 1: The reverse strategy

While the creators argue that there is no martingale tactics inside this EA robot, based on my research, it is clear that GPS Forex Robot is using a strategy called stop and reverse. If a losing trade occurs, the software senses the criteria for opening a much larger trade in the opposite direction. There is proof that the hedging trade is 7 time larger than size in the losing trade, which means this is clearly a martingale strategy. In other words, there is risk involved, that is risk of unforeseen volatility which could trick this software into losing trades.

Risk 2: The Volatility Risk

This is actually one big risk for all investors and traders, regardless they are scalpers, swing traders or otherwise. If you are not careful, you can ruin even a large trading account, because there is no easy way of implementing the money management. Traders can use a certain money management tactics, but then, volatility can still trick this kind of automated software, where the market fails to move enough in one direction.


How to control the risk with GPS Forex Robot : Watch out for volatility


While GPS Forex Robot is recommended, I highly recommend that users be careful and always pay attention to the market charts, especially volatility. If you don’t watch out, GPS Forex Robot can even blowing a very large account. Also, it is advisable that you test this EA robot on demo account first, before putting any real cash on the line. Some brokers have demo accounts that can be adjusted within your budget.

Access the official website of GPS Forex Robot here

pepperstonelogoThere are several reasons why trader want to deposit using Paypal. For one thing, Paypal is the most loved way to pay and get paid worldwide. Then, if you already an internet entrepreneur, let say you are working at certain freelancing sites or perhaps selling on eBay, then you should be able to accept Paypal and get paid. Brokers also love their traders to deposit whether using Paypal or Skrill because they can avoid credit card fraud. They won’t ask for more details such as screenshot of your credit card, because Paypal already verify that for them.

Another advantage of depositing money using Paypal, is the fact that forex broker will always return your money to whatever your deposit method is. For instance, if you deposit using Skrill, then brokers will return the money back to your Skrill account, which is a hassle, since Skrill has a little charge each time you deposit and withdraw. However, with Paypal, that’s another story. There is no deposit or withdrawal fee so it will be very convenient for new traders who are on low budget.

Being an online marketer myself and sometimes promote products from JVZoo network, I always get paid via Paypal. Therefore, I can always stay on budget whenever I trade forex or promote my website via paid ads.

If you are looking for a forex broker which accepts Paypal deposit, then you should go for Pepperstone. This is a legit broker based in Australia. At first I was somewhat skeptical to use Pepperstone because I was a big fan of XM.COM. While XM is also good, it only accepts deposit via Skrill or debit/credit card. Pepperstone has another advantage with Paypal deposit. I will dissect this review one by one:

  1. Spread. Pepperstone has lower spread compared to market maker type brokers. For EURUSD, the spread is 0 pip. For cross pair, it has less than 29 points (2.9 pips).pepperstone-spread
  2. Execution. In case you are worry about market maker, then Pepperstone is just for you.  This is an ECN type broker. The execution is fast and then you can rest assured that your trades are safe.
  3. Flexible leverage. One advantage of using Pepperstone is the fact they don’t provide too high leverage, that is more than 1:500. You can also change the leverage anytime via your client login. This is very helpful since each time you start losing or should I say, MC, you can make the leverage bigger and open the same amount or lots without having to deposit more. The maximum leverage is 1:500, which is very good. Like being mentioned times and time again in this site, you should never exceed your leverage point more than 1:100. Otherwise, you will start to get emotional and over trade.
  4. Great support to traders via live chat or email. This allows you to ask question and get answered as fast as you can.
  5. Always answer traders’ complaints at Forex Peace Army. This feature differentiates between legit forex brokers and the shaddy ones. I always refer to FPA to find out whether the broker is legit or not before signing up and give my personal info to them.
  6. Allows scalping. The spread is small, so yes, you can choose to scalp if you wish.
  7. Other deposit and withdrawal options. In addition to Paypal, Pepperstone also provides other methods to deposit and withdraw, such as Skrill, wire transfer and even deposit from other brokers.  Yes, if you already a trader from another broker, you can transfer fund from that broker to Pepperstone. pepperstone-deposit


  1. No deposit bonus. Some people love bonus points. Although I agree that bonus will make new traders to over trade, but in most cases, for instance in XM, you can even use the remaining bonus to trade and earn. no need to deposit more. However, Pepperstone doesn’t provide that kind of advantage. Heck they even warned traders about brokers which provide bonus.
  2. Minimum deposit is $200. This is actually somewhat big to some people, but still, in my opinion, $200 per month is just a small amount of money that you must afford to lose in order to earn at least $1000 per month.
  3. Some people claim that there is slip page and slow server, however, that depends. Slip page is common for almost every broker out there.

Other features:

  1. Swap free account. This feature is for Muslim. By choosing swap free account, you can avoid from receiving swaps for overnight position.
  2. Automated trading and custom indicators are allowed. Some people might prefer using EA robot or at least custom indicators to automate trading or make the life easier. In case you are in this type of trader, yes, you can use Pepperstone. 

Is Pepperstone recommended? Short answer, yes it is. If you are on low budget, forex broker which allows deposit and withdrawal via Paypal is highly recommended. You will maximize your earnings with Pepperstone.


In this post, I’m going to review a Warrior Special Offer (WSO) created by a guy name Wolfmmiii. I never purchased that, but in the past, I’ve bought something similar and not to mention I’ve purchased up to 7++ WSO, including ready made Amazon websites like that. In this post, I’m going to mention why it won’t work and in fact I’ve seen that countless times.

Why is it a scam?wolfmii-scam
Simple, just look at the WSO thread and then it will mention Amazon website in just 30 minutes per day. No backlinking required. As someone who made $1000 – $3000 per month with SEO since 2011, I can tell that the statement is complete BS. Yes, while you could be getting traffic without backlinks but most of the competitive keywords for Amazon products are dominated by companies and super affiliates with their clever backlinking methods. Think about it this way – not just you who purchase that ready made website. There are hundreds of others who fall into that trap. Now, what if some of Wolmmiii customers get the same keywords as you are and then build backlinks? You will be outranked by him. It’s that simple.

As a matter of fact, this is exactly why keyword software like Market Samurai, Niche Finder and tons more are easily get obsolete – because lots of competition. When there’s too many people are using the same keyword software, buyers of the products will be competing with each other. And I suspect that Wolfmmiii actually used one of these software or at least research the keywords based on whatever outdated methods being taught in the past.

I also made money with both Amazon and Clickbank in 2011, but then since my overall revenue with Clickbank and JVZoo are at least 5 times better than Amazon, I focused more on Clickbank and didn’t actively promote Amazon products anymore.

List of Amazon related courses that I’ve bought
1. Rapid Profit Formula
This one is the best. It even tell the readers where to outsource the content for cheap and then the fundamental parts of SEO. In addition to the course, the creator, Matt Carter also gives useful tips to his list. Let me tell you, this course was making me money with just one thin Amazon review site.

2. Dan Brock Deadbeat Super Affiliate.
Again, Dan is a good guy, although some people complained that he promoted low quality products to his list. But overall, Dan’s stuff is the real deal. Again, this product was making me money and if I implemented it properly today, I will still be able to make money out of it.

3. Sara Young Easy Paycheck Formula
This course is about using free web 2.0 sites like Blogspot or Squidoo to make free money with affiliate programs. This course is geared for beginners. I never implemented it because by the time I’ve bought this course, I already owned 2 of Amazon courses mentioned above. But still, based on reviews at Warrior Forum, this is not a bad product to have.

After buying that many courses, I can tell right away that in order to make money with SEO, you need to get backlinks. Even if you do buy backlinks, there is no guarantee your traffic will convert since it depends heavily on the keywords that you are targeting on search engines.

How can Wolfmmiii give you money back guarantee?
Like being mentioned, I didn’t purchased this WSO. After being scammed by tons of WSO, I would dump them all. However, based on what I’ve read from Wolfmmiii customers, the process is quite easy. All he need to do is give you list of keywords that he assumed can make you money and less competitive. He will you a WordPress site, and after that, you are on your own. He won’t give you the content, you have to write those yourself.

His excuse NOT to refund your money – that is ranking on Google takes time
After writing around 20 posts or something, the clock is ticking. Remember, he only provided 30 days money back guarantee. Therefore, he will give you excuse that you need to wait around 4 weeks to get ranked. But then, after waiting almost one month, but still you cannot get ranked, he will refuse to refund. And then even if he wanted to, you will be asked to leave positive reviews in that thread so he can scam more buyers. In case you didn’t know, at Warrior Forum, your WSO thread will be bumped once your customers posted in that thread and therefore, more people will see your offer. Yes, he will refund you in exchange for traffic.

The truth about Warrior Special Offer like this
In the past, I’ve purchased one WSO called Newbie Commission Classroom from a guy name Gavin Stephenson. Gavin never tried some of the methods taught in that course but then he asked his students to do that. Not to mention his support is rude. In Newbie Commission Classroom, Gavin actually outlined several methods to make money with WSO. One of them is by getting automated SEO software such as Magic Submitter or SE Nuke and then offer SEO service via WSO. Now, SEO is not something that should be done by beginners even if you have quality software. If you purchased that kind of software without getting ranking on Google yourself, you are just cheating.

After the birth of Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, that kind of services are dead and no longer available at Warrior Forum. Now, people are more into freelancing today. Yes, the best way to make money in 2016 is not affiliate marketing but freelancing and trading. As a matter of fact, lots of courses, even Constant Profits Club by Sara Young also focus on freelancing in one of the modules.

Affiliate marketing with Amazon is no longer relevant these days, unless you have an establish business offline and then promote Amazon products via your offline store in your country. If you are into Amazon, you should become a seller there via their FBA program. Otherwise, if one seller, especially via WSO are telling you that he can design Amazon websites for you, then click away from his thread because he is a total liar.

That Wolmii guy decided to leave a comment (see below) in this blog after this post appears on Google today, so I decided to take a look at his thread again. Yup, as expected there’s a lot of unhappy customers who claim that this didn’t work. Their posts might be deleted by mods soon, but here’s the screenshot. Even worse, he already started another WSO. If you take a look into his profile, you will realize that he opened countless WSOs. Yes, that’s how WSO sellers work.




On the other hand, so ironic that Wolfmmiii actually claim that he is not going to scam anyone in that forum, Just look at his first post in that thread:

Wolf Web Marketing

Joan Altz was actually a Warrior Forum member. I’m going to leave an insight view about her website, Product Presto (productpresto.com). By the time I’ve written this post, I cannot access productpresto.com and Joan Altz was banned already. But, I’ve seen the video presentation once, and I can tell why that product won’t work. A little disclaimer here: I didn’t buy the product. But I’ve seen times and times again such rehash ideas years ago (PLR eBooks, resale rights) and yes, I did buy tons of PLR products + resale products back in 2007 when I was still new to internet marketing. And Product Presto is no different than those. OK let’s get straight to the point.

What is it?
It is actually a software where you can create another software and then sell to others. In other words, you have your own PLR products – but it is not another PLR/resale right course. It is actually a software. In the website, Joan Altz, or at least the one who speak in the video explain that people won’t buy ebooks anymore via WSO. OK, that’s a true statement by the way. Therefore, she presented the software called Product Presto.

How to make money with Product Presto
1. Purchase this software and then use it to create whatever software that you like.
2. Sell your new, brandable software via Warrior Special Offer.
3. Then, you will be making money.

In other words, Joan Altz don’t know how to get traffic to her products except via Warrior Special Offer. This is exactly why she didn’t provide any affiliate program on that website and not to mention productpresto.com is her signature in that forum. She was targeting fellow Warriors who are interested in ripping off people via WSO to purchase that and then rob others back.

Can anyone make money with Product Presto? Yes, by ripping off fellow Warriors
Once you’ve sold your own brandable software via WSO, expect to get lots of complaints to your Paypal email later on. And here’s why. People who bought Warrior Special Offers expect to make money with whatever they’re purchasing. So, if you create your own PLR software, sell via WSO and then your customers ask you “how to get traffic” or “how to build my list to sell this product” or “how can this product make money”, you won’t be able to answer them.

Why? Because Product Presto cannot help your customers get traffic. It’s that simple.
The reason why Product Presto won’t work is quite simple actually: If you are not able to get traffic to your website, especially when you are into online marketing, then you won’t be making the money. Too bad, whatever your new brandable software created by Product Presto is not going to drive you traffic. One of the best software that I know to drive traffic is called SE Nuke X, but still, it is NOT a brandable software. It is actually a monthly payment software, which cost the creator, Areeb thousands of dollars to create it and maintain it for years.

SE Nuke and that kind of automated software is less effective these days, and some people don’t like it, but still I am not reviewing SE Nuke here. I want to give you the idea of how good software products really worth for money and how the creators really care about the quality. Yes, it is not something that you can simply rebrand and sell back. Just look at good anti spyware or antivirus programs like Bit Defender, Counterspy, Trend Micro and more. Do you think that the creators of those spyware remover software just rehash the software from other companies? Of course not. They hired lots of specialist with years of experience.

While you can make money with Product Presto, is it consistent?
The answer is NO. Here’s why. That kind of business model won’t last long. Once you’ve cheated fellow Warriors, then you need to re-register using a new WF account or you might need to find JVs in your country to promote your product later on. Plus, newbies who are looking for ways to make money online in 2015 and beyond doesn’t want another PLR crap. Newbies have one thing in mind. They don’t want to pay for something that will take years to make money. They only want to pay for something that can give them result as soon as possible. Yes, hard work and effort is required to make money online, offline or even at day job. But still, if the product creator himself have no idea on how to get traffic and how to make money other than ripping off people, they won’t buy. Period.

Yes, after the rise of binary options industry in 2014 or something, newbies who want to make money online doesn’t even look at another course on how to get traffic and make money with affiliate marketing. They know that 99% those courses are nothing more than hype and junk which will rip them off, wasting lots of their money and years of their time. Seriously. They want something that really works, and make them money on auto pilot, even though those software won’t make them rich.

Alternatives to Product Presto
1. Good courses about selling via Amazon FBA or eBay. You can find those at uDemy or perhaps Amazon Kindle marketplace. Selling physical products is the way to go since you don’t need to rip people off like that.
2. Forex or binary options courses/signal services.

Meta Trader 4 (MT4) is one of the most popular charting software for forex and binary options traders. While you could already know some of the meta trader 4 basics, there are some more features that you might want to explore:
1. How to scroll to specific time and date
The trick is to open the candlestick chart and then press enter. Let say you want to scroll to to April 1 2016, at 7 AM, then enter this query:
EURUSD 1.4.2016 7:00

2. How to add multiple indicators in the same windows
Let say you want to add average directional movement index and average true range in your software. It will make the chart looks like a mess if the indicators are plotted in 2 separate windows. Hence, just add ADX to your chart, and then drag and drop ATR into the ADX windows.


3. Market watch window – how to view spread
Market watch is on the left top of your MT4. If you are into scalping, then choosing broker with lower spread is very important. Right click on the market watch window and then make sure that the spread option is ticked. The spread will be displayed within the ! table. You can also choose to view all currency pairs available to trade with your broker, and in addition to that, you can also hide them .


4. The journal tab at the bottom will keep you on track of what you’ve done within MT4
This section will display what pending orders that you’ve modified, what did you do on MT4 and what did you deleted.


5. If you want to download the chart or price history for more than one year, you can simply download all candlestick history at history center.

Let me be honest with you. 80% – 90% members of Warrior Forum fail to get traffic to their website – whether via search engine or Facebook. And because of that, they fail to make the money. It’s that simple. They still become slave to their boss. That’s why, when someone asked what is the fastest way to make $1000 per month in 2016, nobody can give direct answer. As a matter of fact, they were trapped at Warrior Forum exactly because they want to get traffic. They will keep selling one Warrior Special Offer (WSO) from one time to another. If they stop creating a new product, their income would stop as well. It’s the same as someone who stop working at office but then still doesn’t have additional income stream. This is the reality of 90% WSO sellers.

They could be selling, for instance, done for you Amazon review sites. But in the end, they only assume the website will work for their customers based on whatever methods they’ve learned in other places. If you fail to make the money, they don’t care. Heck, lots of Warriors were banned from that forum already because they leave bad complaints to WSO sellers.

Let me dissect that:
1. The seller will tell you that he will design the website for you. Complete with let say WordPress theme, star rating, video etc.

2. He will claim in the thread that the niche is profitable.

3. Then, you will pay him $47.

4. In the end, the website fail to convert because it was targeting the wrong keywords on Google. It’s that simple.

Now, the seller Wolfmmiii in that link above actually claim that no backlinks required. Being a launch jacker and making tons of money with SEO myself (on average $1000 – $3000 per month with SEO), I can tell that statement is nothing more than hype, or should I say lie. Yes, while you could be getting traffic to your website without backlinks, most of profitable product name keywords on Amazon already being dominated by companies and super affiliates with their own backlink network or at least started building backlinks.

OK, I’m going to answer some questions here:
1. I saw positive reviews in that thread. Why is it a scam then?
Actually, getting that kind of reviews is super easy. The most common method is to use the Warrior – Members Looking To Hire section and then hire fellow Warriors to leave fake reviews. Screenshot below proves that. Sometimes, previous customers are also required to leave fake reviews in exchange for refund. For details, you can read real Wolfmii customer experience in this blog. Other than that, they can also hire anyone for cheap at upwork.com.


2. Azlan, why are you targeting this Wolfmmiii guy?
Simple: Because he enjoyed bashing my Amazon website but at the same time he fail to proof that he is making a killing with Amazon. I suspected that at least 50% of those in that thread are scammer wannabe based on their number of posts and they also registered at WF without using their real name – in other words, if you view thread, you will realize that their WF usernames are weird and of course nobody will have that kind of name in their national ID.

Not to mention that I actually asked the same question in the conversion rate section, but none of the conversion experts came and answer, despite the same thread title received much more views at conversion rate section, rather than main discussion. See it for yourself:


From this, I can conclude that my website doesn’t necessarily as bad as being described by those s***kers in terms of conversion, since honest conversion experts who want to help others are actually spending more time at conversion rate/SEO sections rather than Main Discussion section. Yes, I’ve been browsing various sections for years that I can detect experienced Warriors and newbies faster than Kaspersky can even detect a virus. Experienced SEOers, for example will usually hang around at SEO section. Newbies wouldn’t even bother giving their naive opinion there otherwise SEO experts will bash their posts. Scammers and con artists will hang around in Main Discussion, WSO and Off Topic section a lot.

If you look at their previous profiles, and the threads started by them, it is clear that they actually came to WF as web designers and writers, and not SEO experts or anything. Yes, they are very active only at WSO section – most of their posts in that forum are just about answering customers’ questions. That’s why they can’t stand the design. In case you haven’t notice, they never talk about how to get traffic, the right keywords to target, etc. I don’t even know what was my mistakes to them – I just need help there. It’s not like I am there to offense anyone and let alone scam anyone. But they keep talking trash on me.

There is also a Warrior with username Kilgore, yes I remember him clearly just like I can remember my Gmail password because he put that white, tombstone like avatar in WF username. He seems to enjoy bashing/teaching a newbie who expected to make serious income from Amazon. That is actually in other thread. But as you can see I also work on my Amazon website, just like being adviced by him, based on several Amazon courses I’ve bought from fellow Warriors and then he also joined the suckers in the thread mentioned above started by me.


Also, while they keep telling me to hire expensive authors, in the end, they fail to tell me where can I hire real authors for that website. There’s so many freelancing sites on the net and from my experience, I can tell that just because the freelancers are expensive, they are not necessarily capable. Some of the freelancing sites offer expert authors at reasonable price, some offer crap at even higher price. Before starting that thread, I’ve hired freelancers at several places:
1. Warrior For Hire section (not happy – need to pay very high, but still low quality content).
2. Warrior Special Offer section – I even buy ready made websites like being mentioned above from other sellers, it cost me $127, but still I couldn’t make the money. Crappy content as well.
3. iWriter – Decent result most of the time, but people in that thread didn’t happy at all with the content.
4. Upwork.com (formerly oDesk). – Too many authors, some good, some crap. Excellent authors usually will never respond to my request. Only crappy ones did. That’s why 90% of the time, I only used upwork.com to get hand written content for backlinks.

For your information, that domain name was making me money, back in 2011 – around $100 or so. I’ve built backlinks to it, and that’s why it has PR2. But, I want to focus more in launch jacking back then since it is more profitable and still it is.

After getting that awful feedback at Warrior Forum, I realize that folks in there is not that friendly. And I NEVER ever trust any WSO seller anymore. That’s why, whenever someone asked what to do with $500, I warned him not to show off in public like that because the reality in WF is not a good as you might imagine.

Let me advice to you – never ask for website reviews at public forums like that. Just find any marketers that you can trust in your country to do the dirty job.

3. Do this Wolfmmiii guy make money with Amazon or Adsense then?
I don’t know, but let assume he was. Anyone who claim to make that kind of sites at WF actually do make money with Amazon, Adsense or anything which are targeting beginners. However, does it consistent? Well, no. In fact, he could be making just $1000 or something, and then he started that kind of service at Warrior Forum and then start telling the world that making money with Amazon is the best way to do blah, blah, blah, you name it. Otherwise, why would he spend time creating websites for someone else, when he can use the time to create those for himself? In case you didn’t know, WSO sellers are required to pay $20 for their thread to be published and additional $20 if they want to maintain the traffic, that is by bumping the thread. So, why pay that kind of money, just to design a $47 website?

In 99% cases, sellers who made these kind of sites are actually fail to get targeted traffic from Google to their Amazon Associate sites because of Google updates – Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird you name it.

As a matter of fact, I can also sell a WSO teaching others on how to make money with launch jacking method, but why would I pay $20 for WSO and then sell it for $47 while my launch jacking secret is making me around $30 – $250 per day?  There is no way I am letting random person outside from my home country to steal my income stream.

4. Some WSO sellers presented with courses on how to make money with list building, etc. Will it work?
I would stay away from all type of WSOs. In fact, I’ve purchased around 7 WSOs which was priced around $5 – $500. Yes, I’ve purchased 2 WSOs at that $500 price, but the end, the seller fail to support me. And in case you are new to IM, getting support is extremely important. Most of the content are nothing more than theory. This reminds me of the infamous data entry scam, back in 2006 or something. If you’ve heard about this scam before, you should know it. The process is quite simple:
1. You found the data entry website via Google or other sources. Probably the affiliates of the data entry companies are sending you the email.
2. You purchased the so call money making from home manual.
3. And then, you simply resell the manual back on Google Adwords.

In reality, the data entry company never implement the tactics taught inside it. WF used to be a place to sell such crap before, such as private label rights (PLR) products.

The same goes for 90% crap on Warrior Forum. I noticed that lots of WSO being sold based on theory only. The sellers actually rehashed the information from experts blogs or perhaps other MMO courses and then repackage like the product is his own. In theory, they never implemented the tactics taught inside it, at least until their income is consistent. I found that great products actually being sold outside the WSO section.

5. Can you really make money with Amazon Associate?
Yes, you can. But it is not recommended. Here’s why: The profit margin is very low and just not worth your time, money and effort. If you want to make real income with Amazon, focus on selling physical products via their FBA program. Forget being an affiliate. As the time goes by, let say 7 years or something, you will realize that making money with affiliate marketing is actually just a guru method to sell you something about making money online. Can anyone make serious income with affiliate marketing? Yes, he can. But still, you need to focus on products which pay commission for lifetime, rather than one time sale.

6. What about solo ads? Can I trust solo sellers on WF?
The answer is: Dump them all. I never had good luck buying any solos at WF or other places. However, if you still into solo ads, you can check this website: solochecker.com. This site allows the buyers to leave reviews and rating about the seller, which eliminates the potential of getting scammed.

7. Should I hire any freelancer at Warrior Forum?
The answer is NO. Like being mentioned, I hired a few of them and not happy with the service. If you are looking for a safe place to hire experts, Guru.com and Textbroker.com are much better than Warrior Forum. For content spinning, let say you need hand written content for backlinks, you can hire writers from Philipines or India at Upwork.com. For simple graphic design, there’s fiverr.com.

8. I don’t want to get scammed by this Wolfmmiii guy. How can I avoid that?
I actually noticed that Wolfmmiii already a member of Black Hat World. Be careful with him. Just Google Wolfmmiii or Wolf Web Marketing and you can see some negative reviews about him. Wolf Web Marketing also handle Facebook PPC campaigns, but I doubt that you will get good ROI with Facebook Ads even if you hire them. Just like the Amazon website thing, I don’t think that you can make money with Wolfmmiii services.


9. Most buyers don’t ask for refund. Is it a bad product?
As for WSO, usually they are not sold via safe networks such as Clickbank. Therefore, it will be hard to request refund. And even if you did, you might get banned from the forum. Plus, most newbies have the kind of mindset that the product should be working one day, so there’s no need to refund or anything. And this is the problem.

10. Azlan, why are posting this in your own blog instead of that thread?
Let me ask you this – if spammers sell your email address to third party, can you stop from receiving spams? Of course not. The same goes for that thread. While I can defend myself in that thread, and those who bashed me before might leave, but then new con artists wannabe will chime in and then bash again and again. It’s not like I am coward or anything. It’s just defending myself in that thread will be a complete waste of time. Not to mention, if I bashed others’ WSO in that thread, just like I did in this blog, I might get banned from that forum.

11. Should I use any ready made websites sold elsewhere?
Let me tell you. Ready made websites like those whether being sold by Wolfmii or others are just awful. The creator himself never test those site with traffic, whether with SEO or PPC, but then they sold the websites to others instead. That’s just cheating. We affiliate marketers are not yet millionaires. We started from scratch and then wanted to make money with little budget. If we have budget around $20K or something, we would be become a merchant already. It reminds me to turnkey feeder sites which was provided by Kyle and Carson at Wealthy Affiliate. I doubt that anyone would be making money with those ready made websites.


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